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  • Is your target market too niche to reach?
  • Does your content fail to generate leads?
  • Are your marketing emails being ignored?
  • Not sure how to benefit from social media?
  • Does your website look like it was made in 1992?

Jammy Frog helps you adapt to achieve your marketing goals. HOP IN!

Marketing solutions a tad more real.

Jammy Frog is opening up a world of possibilities. We are a 'boutique' style marketing partner, helping you move with the times in your very own environment. We advise and project manage your marketing needs, from traditional offline techniques to digital channels.

What do we do?

You name it, we do it: engaging content, targeted Paid Per Click (PPC) campaigns, social media transformation, website optimisation (SEO), effective email marketing, stylish advertisement, memorable branding. In other words; whatever BUGS you!

Why kiss this frog?

We understand you are different and need your own bespoke marketing strategy. You have your own marketing processes, data platform, website infrastructure and revenue streams. Your industry is fast paced and your 2017 plan of action is jam-packed. What you need is to see immediate results from your marketing campaigns, right? 

Jammy Frog is about real implementation with immediate results. We are here to help your business thrive so that you achieve your marketing goals.

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What can we do for you?

Email Marketing

Let’s dig in your inbox. It’s crucial that your email marketing campaigns are valuable and engaging so that they don’t end up as junk in your trunk. Improve your open rate, click though rate and pick the best call to action to start the nurturing process.

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Content Creation and Lead Nurture

Nurture and qualify your leads by sending out appealing content using the right channel. Implement lead-scoring to identify the value of your leads. Stay engaged with your prospects through industry blogs, events and competitions. It's time to seal the deal!

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Conversion Tracking

Track the success of your campaigns. Monitor and control the performance of your marketing activities, external email blasts, web banners, print ads, social media campaigns and even the 'old-skool' approach to direct mail.

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Social Media

Spot on for building online networking communities. Create winning social media campaigns, increase your brand presence and become a thought leader. Understand the benefits of social media selling through influencer programmes.

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Website Optimisation

Understand web interaction. Learn all the basics of Google Analytics (or your internal equivalent) and increase engagement with site visitors. Use digital body language to optimise your web content and generate revenue.

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PPC and Display Advertising

Minimum investment for maximum web coverage. Run powerful Google Ad campaigns, monitor and optimise their effectiveness while targeting your perfect demographic. BOOM.

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Bespoke marketing collateral designed for you; brochures, flyers, business cards, web banners. Take a leap and get in touch to find out more.

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About Jammy Frog

I drove to London a decade ago in my little Opel Corsa with limited English, some dodgy French striped clothing but thankfully with a Masters in Marketing. I started at the very bottom and I am proud of the career I have carved out for myself here in London.

Having specialised in B2B digital marketing for 12 years in commodities and finance markets, I understand how to build and project manage marketing strategies for companies wanting to meet their business and commercial goals. 

I can design and implement data driven CRM strategies, engagement and retention email campaigns, automated content marketing and email marketing best practice. I am also an experienced e-commerce marketer (Google Ads and PPC campaigns, SEO, content optimisation, landing pages and user journeys/UX).

I have worked for both international corporations and agencies including Euromoney, KPMG, Thomson Reuters, IMechE, Oliver Marketing and IQPC. I am also Co-Founder of the awarded House of Ollichon Ltd.

If you need to take your marketing and commercial goals from a plan to a success story, I am your candidate.

Romain Ollichon, Founder